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Welcome to William F. Elliott, P.C., Attorney At Law, located in Covington, Georgia. Mr. Elliott has served Newton and Rockdale counties since 1996, providing services in all domestic, criminal and juvenile matters. Mr. Elliott has a reputation for excellence and strives to provide his clients the best representation available.



The area of family law encompasses a wide variety of legal concerns, ranging from divorce or child custody to paternity or domestic violence.


We will provide personalized, aggressive, and experienced criminal defense to help you fight for what is right.


Despite the fact that the juvenile justice system in Georgia is supposed to focus on rehabilitation, the vast majority of those in the District Attorney’s Office do not see it that way.
  • William F. Elliott, P.C, Attorney At Law will fight for your right to remain a vital part of your children’s lives.
  • Our attorneys strive to work within your budget as much as possible while striving to protect your interests and help you achieve your goals.
  • We are lawyers in the Newton and Rockdale County area who are committed to serving you with compassion, creativity and flexibility.

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