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    Covington Family Law Lawyers

    Newton County child support lawyer, William F. Elliott, provides experienced family law services. As you know, parents are responsible for the financial support of their children.

    Child Support is the obligation paid to the custodial parent of child by the non custodial parent for rearing the child. It is in the best interest of a child for both parents to be obligated to pay for the support of their child. An order for child support transfers the income/wealth from one parent to the other so that the combined incomes/wealth of both parents is available to use for the support of the child. For the non-custodial parent, financial support of a child is not an option; it is an obligation.

    A Child Support order includes when and how much a parent has to pay for child support. A Child Support Order in Covington is generally part of a divorce decree or paternity judgment. Most states like Georgian now follow a guideline or formula devised for estimating child support amount. This ensures uniformity in child support payment from court to court.

    If you do not have a child visitation or child custody order in place in the Covington area and are paying high child support, obtaining such an order may lower the amount of child support you pay.

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