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    Most people prefer an uncomplicated divorce that allows them to just move on with their lives. However, an amicable divorces are not always possible. If you and your soon to be former spouse or partner are embroiled in disagreements or if he or she is not being honest about finances and/or is manipulating the process in order to inflict emotional pain — you need the help of a highly experienced divorce lawyer. This type of divorce is called a Contested Divorce.

    A contested divorce is one in which the parties cannot immediately reach an agreement regarding the terms of the divorce. This does not mean that an agreement will not be reached at some point, but initially, the parties cannot agree. Often times one party files a Complaint for Divorce and has the other party served to start the process.

    Divorce is difficult enough, making a decision about hiring a Newton County divorce attorney should not add to this stress. During this difficult time, you need a divorce attorney who is understanding and compassionate yet able to fight for your rights. During this difficult time, it is essential that you work with a seasoned Covington, Georgia divorce lawyer who can make you feel comfortable and confident about your future.

    Choose an experienced Newton County divorce attorney that will work closely with you and listen to your concerns as you develop a custody plan that works for you and your children.

    William F. Elliott, P.C.

    Let a skilled and responsive attorney handle your family legal matters. If you would like to schedule a consultation, contact our office today. We look forward to assisting you.

    Going through divorce and other family law matters can be some of the most emotionally draining legal processes you may ever experience.

    I am knowledgeable about court proceedings and I am very comfortable with courtroom politics. As a hands-on lawyer, I recognize that the individuals I work with are going through a difficult time in their lives.

    Our Covington Family legal team understands that it can be exceedingly difficult to sort out all of the terms of a divorce with your soon to be ex-spouse. However, the alternative is having a judge decide property divisions, who will owe child support, visitation, custody issues, and/or spousal support, which often leaves both parties unsatisfied. Having a lawyer that understands your needs will make this legal separation easier.

    How Can We Help You?
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